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What I Read in February + My Spring TBR

For those of you have read my earlier posts, you probably know that February was a busy month for me. Because University classes started again, my schedule has been jam-packed. That, unfortunately, means I have close to no time for reading. I tried to pick up a book any chance I got, but it was just not easy this past month. This month I “read” a total of 2 books. And by “read”, I mean I listened to them via audiobook. There are people out there who say “oh, audiobooks don’t count as real reading” πŸ™„ And to them I say, you do you. In my books, audiobooks 100% count towards your reading goals and let’s not shame people for their method of reading :))) Sorry if that came across as too passive aggressive, but I am very passionate about this subject lol.

Because my classes will go on until the first week of May, I’m expecting the next couple of months to go pretty similarly πŸ˜” SO because I didn’t read enough books this month to make a separate wrap-up post, I decided to combine everything into one! These are the books I read in February (haha. I tried to squeeze in one more before the end of the month but that,,,didn’t work out) AND a very loose list of books I plan to read in the next couple of months.

Also, really quick, I just want to say I won’t be writing an official review of the two books I read in February because they are both non-fiction and I generally don’t do reviews for that genre

I listened to Girl, Stop Apologizing via audiobook and was pleasantly surprised! I tend to not like or enjoy self-help books because personally I don’t get much out of them. I often find that they preach cliche phrases and aren’t actually helpful. This book, however, actually provided valuable insight and I did get something out of it. As a Bookstagrammer and (new!) Book Blogger, I often find myself comparing myself to others. A really helpful statement that Hollis emphasized throughout Girl, Stop Apologizing was don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. I ended up rating it 3/5 stars.

So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo was a book I had been meaning to read for a long time. I definitely think, after listening and reflecting, that this is something EVERYONE should pick up regardless of age, gender, race, etc. It was a very up close and matter of fact look at what it means to be a person of color in America. Oluo begins each chapter/topic by describing a personal experience she has had and then dives deeper into the topic and how it affects people of color on a larger scale. If you haven’t already, I would highly encourage you to pick this book up and learn something new.

Moving on, I have a list of books I want to read within the next couple months. Basically, before Summer. I am being quite ambitious with this list so I definitely do not expect to get through all of these! It is just a ~relative~ idea of what I have planned.

If I only finish one book in the next couple of months, it *will* be Strange the Dreamer. I’ve already started this and am on page 250-ish, so I have made a dent in this very long book. My thoughts so far: I totally get by what people mean when they say Laini Taylor has a beautiful writing style. This books is very detailed and descriptive while at the same time not being too much and everything flows together really well. Keep an eye out for my review for this once I finish; I’m sure it’ll be a positive one πŸ˜‰

I placed a hold for Ties That Tether at my library nearly a month ago !! I’m currently number 6 in line, so I’m hoping to get to it soon (?) or at least by April. This book follows main character Azere who promised her dying father that even after moving to Canada, she would marry a Nigerian man. However, after several dates gone wrong, she finds herself catching feelings for Rafael Castellano, a white man. Azere questions her identity and whether being with him is compromising her culture and background. This just sounds so interesting and I’ve been in the mood for a romance for so long, which makes me even more excited to read it!

When The Gilded Wolves first came out, I was so intrigued by the plot. It sounds really similar to Six of Crows and it has the found family trope that we all know and love. This book is describes as being a historical fiction/fantasy set in France and wow does THAT sound promising πŸ‘€ Another plus is I’ve heard this book has a very diverse cast of characters which I am so here for. I’m also pretty sure the second book in this (duology?) just came out pretty recently, so if I like this one then I have an excuse to buy another book πŸ™Š

I bought Pachinko for myself as a Christmas gift last year after reading the summary and falling instantly in love with it. From what I remember, this book follows four generations of a family in Korea and their lives, identities, and how their choices affect their future. This is a genre I normally don’t read. It’s not fantasy or YA contemporary or romance. That being said, I have a feeling it could become one of my favorite books!

Okay before I say anything else can we talk about THIS COVER ?! I know. It’s stunning.
So Grown has been on my tbr for so long. In fact, I added it on Goodreads before even knowing the summary. The reason is because of the author: Tiffany D. Jackson. I have read almost all the books she has published so far and loved them all so. freaking. much. I would highly recommend checking out her other books Monday’s Not Coming and Allegedly because they were both stellar novels and I actually plan to review them on this blog soon, so keep an eye out for that. But yeah, I will read anything this author writes!

And that concludes this post! I know reading just five books in the span of 2-3 months doesn’t seem like a lot, but a lot of these are quite long and I will be really busy with work πŸ˜”
If you’ve read all the way this far, thank you so much and I hope you have a great March! 🀎 Depending on where you are in the world, we’re one day closer to Summer so yay :))))

It’s still a few months away but I literally can’t wait

Also, yes I just used a HSM gif 😌

What was your favorite book of February? What’s on your TBR for March?

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