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Book to Screen Adaptations That Are *Actually* Good

As readers, it is no secret that when our favorite books are announced to be turning into a show or movie, there’s usually a mix of emotions. Mostly, excitement and nervousness. A lot of times, movies/shows tend to ~mess up~ the book and I could probably give more bad examples of adaptations than good.

All that being said, there are definitely adaptations out there that have lived up to my expectations, and even a few that have surpassed them. All of these are my opinions and I’m only going to be talking about adaptations where I have read the book AND watched the movie or show.

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My Favorite Book to Screen Adaptations

Welcome to my first ever blog post! *cue the confetti and balloons* I am so excited to be starting my book blogging journey with a post that means a lot to me. Two of my favorite things are books and movies, so I decided to combine them both into this fun post! I’m going to be sharing five book to screen adaptations that I love and hopefully you will too. 

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