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“Laugh as much as you choose, but you will not laugh me out of my opinion.”

Jane Austen

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**ALL** The Romance Books I’ve Read + My Thoughts on Them

Love is in the air….or so they say. It’s February, which means Valentine’s Day, which means all the book-ish content I’ve been seeing on my social media lately is romance related. When it comes to this genre in particular, I’m indifferent, to be completely honest. In general, it takes a lot for me to really … Continue reading “**ALL** The Romance Books I’ve Read + My Thoughts on Them”


Books I Read in January

January was a relaxing start to the new year, and felt like it flew by way too quick. I was on break for basically the entirety of the month, and I’m lucky enough to have had that time to relax after a stressful semester of classes. I managed to finish 4 books, which admittedly is … Continue reading “Books I Read in January”


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