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MY 2021 FAVORITES || Yearly Wrap-Up

YOU GUYS!! Can you believe there’s only a few more days left of 2021 ๐Ÿ˜ณ this year felt like the longest ever, but at the same time flew by really quick.

There were a lot of firsts. I moved into an apartment, did my first in-person semester of college, and inevitably, made a lot of new experiences there, some good and some bad. Regardless of how this year turned out, I know it’ll be a memorable one for so many reasons.

All that being said, I’m ready to say bye to 2021.

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2021 Diverse Book Releases

Confession time: I’ve only read one 2021 release this year.

When the year started, I made it my own personal mission to read as many books on my backlist TBR as possible. That means that I’ve read a lot of books I’d been meaning to pick up in previous years, and caught up on those instead of new ones.

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Books I *WILL* Read Before 2021 Ends

Me? Posting regularly? Who would’ve thought ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€ HELLO everyone, if there’s one thing I learned in the past couple months, it’s that I am not good at balancing reading and school.

I’ve read a total of 46 books so far this year, but I’m determined to get that that number up to 50, because why not. I feel like that’s a good, achievable goal that isn’t too crazy or out there. Well, there’s also a bit of a problem…

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Disappointing Reads of 2021

Okay HELLO ๐Ÿ˜ณ it has yet again been a full MONTH since my last post, and all I have to say for myself is that college is brutal. Final exams are next week, project deadlines are coming up, and to top it all off, I haven’t read anything since September.

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Tweet Cute | book review

Surprise! I have been pretty bad about posting on here, which is kind of embarrassing since I said I’d be doing it more regularly in my June Wrap-Up ๐Ÿค  But truth be told, things have been a lot busier than I’d have expected. I’m wrapping up my summer courses (which are a lot harder than I’d have thought rip), preparing to move for college, and also practicing driving A LOT so I can *finally* get my license.

Thankfully, things aren’t too hectic to the point where I don’t get time to read! I’m excited to share my thoughts with you all on this fun YA contemporary <33

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The New Releases Book Tag

This is my second back to back book tag post and honestly, I’m loving it! These posts are some of my favorite ones to do because I think it’s a fun way to talk about books I normally don’t get a chance to discuss on my blog. A huge shoutout and thank you to Morgan @ Morgan Is Reading Again for tagging me to do this!

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January Wrap-Up

Is it just me or did January fly by so fast?! Maybe itโ€™s because I spent the first half of this month on break from school, but now for the next 3 months I have classes again. Yay ๐Ÿ™ƒ. Itโ€™s funny because usually when I have classes, my urge to read/blog/do bookstagram increases. Thatโ€™s probably just because Iโ€™m a huge procrastinator which is unfortunate, but at least that means Iโ€™ll have more content! Well, hopefully.

Anyways, this past month was pretty chill. I stayed home, watched a lotttt of shows and movies, read books, and basically relaxed until I had to go back to homework and studying and writing essays.ย I am really not looking forward to the next couple months of University, mainly because I always find it so hard to balance getting my work done along with reading as many books as I would like. Hopefully I’ll be able to manage both because I would ~like~ to read more books in 2021 compared to 2020, but we’ll see. That being said, I managed to read 6 full books (+ 1 DNF) in January so in my opinion, that’s pretty good. Definitely not the best, but could’ve been worse.

ANYWAYS, here is my monthly wrap-up!

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2021 Book Releases to Keep on Your Radar

I normally don’t keep up with new book releases and instead focus on my backlist TBR. This year, though, I don’t want to miss out on all the exciting titles coming our way! I’ve picked some of the most books I am ~most~ looking forward to in 2021, but there are so many more I haven’t included. Another plus in 2021 is that all these books have the most STUNNING covers ๐Ÿ˜ SO hopefully you’ll find at least a few of these interesting enough to add to your list of books to read this year!

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