January Wrap-Up

Is it just me or did January fly by so fast?! Maybe it’s because I spent the first half of this month on break from school, but now for the next 3 months I have classes again. Yay 🙃. It’s funny because usually when I have classes, my urge to read/blog/do bookstagram increases. That’s probably just because I’m a huge procrastinator which is unfortunate, but at least that means I’ll have more content! Well, hopefully.

Anyways, this past month was pretty chill. I stayed home, watched a lotttt of shows and movies, read books, and basically relaxed until I had to go back to homework and studying and writing essays. I am really not looking forward to the next couple months of University, mainly because I always find it so hard to balance getting my work done along with reading as many books as I would like. Hopefully I’ll be able to manage both because I would ~like~ to read more books in 2021 compared to 2020, but we’ll see. That being said, I managed to read 6 full books (+ 1 DNF) in January so in my opinion, that’s pretty good. Definitely not the best, but could’ve been worse.

ANYWAYS, here is my monthly wrap-up!

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